🌶: I think that your blog and you are both ve…

🌶: I think that your blog and you are both very cute and I love your posts and how you run this blog!!! 💕 I’m honored that you still even talk to me (since I think I can be annoying ;;) and I always wish that everything is well for you. Even if it’s not, I want you to remember that things will get better okay? Thank you for being on this site Nídia ♡

sunshine ♡ thank you so much for your message! it makes me really really happy, thank you! i can’t even stop smiling ;; you’re such a good friend and such a sweetie~!! you’re not annoying at all, it’s impossible for you to be annoying – i’m the one who should be thanking for you still being my friend, because i take forever to reply your messages and i’m always asking for you for help ;; i’m sorry. sdadjwa you’re so cute i can’t- my heart is going to combust djhwkad. hope you always be okay too, wish you lots of happiness baby 💕

. send me a fruit