🍊, 🌶: your blog is one of my favorites and y…

🍊, 🌶: your blog is one of my favorites and you’re my favorite mutual ;; 💕 I cherish you a lot !! you’re so nice and lovely , and you always impress me so much with your gifsets 💖

Orange 🍊: I look up to you and I trust you

Jalapeño 🌶: Tell me something not on this list!

thank you for sending one ;; you’re always so nice to me c’: aljsajsajhs yyou, you don’t need to make me bush . //// . you’re one of my fav mutuals too, and i love your blog so so sooo much!! i’m glad the feeling is mutual c: [ty for always commenting nice things on my gifsets (i always read your tags >.<), it gives me motivation to keep doing it ; u ;]. 

ohh, no one has ever said something to me like that 😮 you look up to me and you trust me… wow, is it because i’m older? it makes me feel happy and- not really sure how to explain it- but it’s a good feeling, thank you~!! i trust you too c: (thought you should know that c:), if you ever need something, please come talk to me, ‘kay? ; u ; // tell you something not on the list… “You make me want to be a better person.” c: 

. send me a fruit